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Visit our new location at 6330 State Highway 193 Georgetown, CA 95634. We are open semiregularly by appointment Monday through Friday 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Lessons start at $25 for 1/2 hr and $50 for 1 hr.

Friday, February 26, 2016

About Our Lessons

    We here at Learn the Beat strive to offer a uniquely personalized learning experience for our students. We have a core curriculum that we encourage you to follow, to ensure you become well rounded musicians, but we are very flexible on designing an experience that is customized just for you. Our style of teaching is uniquely our own. We strive to make your learning experience fun & adaptive for your personal goals as a musician. We are open to teaching you how to play any song you are passionate about learning to the level of your ability. Our lessons cover a wide range of materials starting with the absolute basics & working through progressively more complex topics. Please see our links for specific instrument lessons on the side bar for more detailed course descriptions.
    Our lessons are broken into skill levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional, & Specialty. Each can be completed within a years time, provided the student is dedicated to taking a 1/2 hr, or 1 hr long class, at least, once per week & 15 min. of practice time per day (recommended). We also offer in store practice sessions in our studio, on our computer practice system &/or at Jam Sessions, if at home practice time is difficult to achieve. How quickly you progress is completely dependent on your own goals & dedication to improvement.
    We want to see you succeed! So, please let us know of any questions, or concerns you may have. We are happy to fast track individuals to higher level lessons, if you have previous experience playing. We just ask that you come in for an initial lesson to judge the range of your existing skills. We wouldn't want you to miss something important in the fundamentals if it will affect your higher level skill sets in the long run. Ultimately, your interests are important to us & you are always welcome to bypass a section of our lesson plan, if it doesn't fit the direction you want to go with your artistry.
    All of our lessons require certain books, materials, equipment, & instruments to complete. All of these items are available for sale in our store. To Schedule an Apointment please call (530)334-3588, or email

Meet You Instructor

Bio: Sean is your all around good guy. He has a background of working with kids, & is just as at home teaching adults. He was officially trained for years in Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Drums, Big Band, & Marching Band. He is self taught in the other instruments we offer lessons in, such as: Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele, Banjo, Vocals, Keyboard/Piano. He has a soft spot for rock & roll, but enjoys branching out into many genres, because he loves all music. He is a savant at picking up an instrument & being able to play it whether he's had any practical training on the thing or not. He has an ear for music & can usually learn a song within moments of listening to the original. He writes & records his own albums & is a pro at Recording, Production, & Mastering. He also is well versed in Repairing, Customizing & Adjusting instruments & equipment.  It makes the rest of us here at learn the beat very jealous of his natural talents. You can find him doing specialty classes for some of our local schools as well. Sean is happy to play music all day any day & you'll probably find him with his hands on a guitar even when he's not "working". Sean is also available to Jam with at our Jam Sessions & in prescheduled collaborations. Stop by our store, call, or email to set up an appointment with him today.

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